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Investigating how we create our reality and how that reality can allow us to experience health difficulties.  
What is EHP Research? 
The EHP Research Team is concerned with the journey of light as it condenses into matter and forms the realities we live in. We are conducting social science research that looks to understand how, through exchanges of information, energy and mechanisms such as perception and consciousness, we construct collective and individual realities. We want to understand how the relationships and realities that form in our lives can allow varying degrees of illness and dis-ease to manifest.  
Our Focus is on the observation and measurement of energy exchanges. Specifically we are investigating the nature and laws involved within the intersubjective energy exchanges between people in psychological and sociological contexts.  
Our Goal: To support the young and extremely promising fields of Bio-Field Science, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology. Our ambition is to help cement these fields of study within the larger space of legitimate health based scientific inquiry. We are also a proud part of the Quantum Health Revolution. 
Current Activity: Our team is currently developing concepts and new theory such as Pendulum Syndrome, Field Construct Maintenance, Biofield Latency, Zero Point Living, Psychological & Sociological Energy Circulation, Wounded Animal Syndrome, Mind density and State Dependant Reality Construction.  
This research is allowing us to continually develop our practice on a more subtle, energetic level. This enables a deeper level of support to be delivered and helps a more sustainable level of health to be achieved by those that we work with. These areas of research are providing new information and understanding about how illness and dis-ease manifests, what role they play in our health, and how systemic energy changes that can lead to illness and dis-ease can be managed more effectively. 
If this sort of research resonates with you in some way then get in touch. We are always on the look out for new connections, partnerships and different forms of collaboration. 
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