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EHP Research 

Our Mission: To understand the physics of the lived experience in relation to health and how current life processes manifest illness and disease. 
We use the knowledge gained from our ongoing research efforts to design and implement new interventions that enable people to lead longer and healthier lives. 
We are also continually assembling and refining our diverse communication network and knowledge base. This is allowing us to develop a dynamic platform from which we can deliver new theory and conceptual content to the global marketplace. The purpose of this is to help the continual evolution and recoding of our collectively constructed reality. 
On the Ground: This research is allowing us to continually develop our practice. In turn this is enabling a deeper level of support to be delivered and helps more sustainable patterns of health to be achieved by the people we work with.  
In addition to the EHP's internal efforts, executing our mission requires collaborations and partnerships to be formed with the leading academic institutions, healthcare professionals and biotechnology companies on the world stage. We are targeting those that share our vision. 
We recognize that many great ideas will come from the vast research community beyond the EHP and that effective collaborations will be critical to achieving success.  
If this sort of research resonates with you in any way then get in touch.  
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