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The Clinic and our Philosophy 
The EHP Clinic is about supporting people so they can realise there highest potential. At the core of the clinic is a humanistic approach that empowers the individual to take control of their life. All our different types of support are channelled through the building of helpful and therapeutic rapport that encourages balanced levels of support so that healing and development can be achieved. 
What is it? 
The EHP Clinic delivers cutting edge healthcare via one to one consultations. We provide holistic healthcare using a modern, dynamic & integrative approach. State of the art technology (Bio-Well/GDV & NES Provison and MiHealth) is used to deliver in-depth analysis of a clients body on multiple levels. This includes the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic elements of the bodies health system. This sophisticated analysis allows us to gather a detailed picture of the body so that any health difficulties become more visible and in turn more manageable. 
How do we do it? 
The EHP Clinic is a mobile clinic. It works through online consultation and face to face meetings in the community. That means coming to you so that you can feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible when working with us. Investing our time and energy into the people that need it most is our goal. The information and knowledge we deliver allows people to develop and re-tune their systems so that they can live more happy and fulfilling lives. 
Why do we do it? 
Instead of just taking tablets to get better we help people to discover why they are struggling so that in time they can help themselves. Treatment methods take many different shapes and forms ranging from nutritional advice to art and music therapy, exercise programs, energy healing, energy therapy, basic cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)and other talk based therapies. These approaches allow the right care and support to be given so that positive potential can be realised and progress can be made. 
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